jamie pritchett

Jamie Pritchett

The Good News Coloring Book Ministry was started in 1998 In Merritt Island, Florida, by Jamie Pritchett.  Jamie formats the books, finds translators, adds new languages, corresponds with Bible societies, attends conferences, and manages the website.  

artist linda riddell

Linda Riddell

The beautiful drawings depicting the life of Jesus were done by Jamie’s sister, talented artist, homemaker, wife, homeschool mom, musician, singer/song-writer, Linda (Firth) Riddell.  Linda was born in Manilla, Philippines, in 1962. Her early school years were in England and Jamaica, and high school was at McLean High School, in northern Virginia.  She attended Virginia Commonwealth University and graduated in 1987 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design.  Linda, her husband, four sons, one daughter-in-law, five cats and one dog live in Virginia.

good news coloring book family

The Firths, Riddells and Pritchetts

The Firths, Riddells and Pritchetts have all been involved in coloring book production since the beginning.

HIS - Gordon Firth counting and sorting GNCBs

Gordon Firth

Not only this immediate family, but the family of God around the world, has been involved in every way: translating, carrying, funding, packing, mailing, sharing, encouraging.  

St.Pete PastorsConf-Jan08

Larry and Jamie Pritchett at a Missions Conference