A free, downloadable Bible coloring book in 110 languages!

A FREE downloadable tract/coloring book of the life of Jesus from the Scriptures - in over 110 languages!

These children in Ethiopia received Good News Coloring Books at a VBS in 2004.  So they are about 18 years old now!  Still praying for them!

Ideas for Using the Good News Coloring Book

Teaching english

The dual-language books are perfect for Teaching English Classes, or for teaching Spanish, or any other language!

Vacation Bible Schools

Many people use the GNCBs for short-term missions and VBS's in other countries.  The dual-language books are good for this too.

elder & nursing home ministry

For elders or nursing home residents, choose the single language, large-print edition and print it out large.  Even older people like to color!

hospital ministry

The GNCBs are great for handing out to children - and adults - in hospitals.  This young boy was in a children's hospital in Kenya.

christmas outreach

Thousands of GNCBs have been used for Christmas outreaches all over the world. This photo is of an orphanage in Russia


It is so easy to print out a dual-language book for a new neighbor from another country, or print a hundred for refugee welcome packs!

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